Transform the workforce you have into the workforce you need.

Technology is disrupting enterprises across every industry. Ensuring you have the right people to rise to the challenge can seem like a huge undertaking but it doesn't have to be. Find out how Udacity can help you upskill your workforce for what's ahead.

Your future depends on a workforce with the right tech skills.



of CEOs say lack of key skills is threatening future growth of their organizations.1



of business leaders do not believe they can quickly hire the talent they need.2



of high growth organizations believe their workforce can be trained to have the skills they require.3

Udacity offers a learning platform for the tech-forward enterprise.

Our programs address the skills gaps that enterprises are facing in core and emerging technologies, like Data Science, AI/ML, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and more. Learners experience a combination of lessons and hands-on projects designed by technology experts, and are able to immediately apply their newfound skills in a professional setting.

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"The buy, not build talent strategy is getting more difficult — and expensive — to pull off. Executives have this idea that: as my people become obsolete, I’ll just hire new people. Well, they won’t be there."

Paul Daugherty, CTO & CIO at Accenture PLC

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Impact business outcomes with curriculum tailored to your industry.

Digital transformation looks different across each sector and every industry. That’s why our approach is different too. We work with industry leaders to create customized learning paths and ensure course curriculum maps to your workforce upskilling goals and needed outcomes.

Helping Shell Minimize Costs

Pain point: Shell needed to avoid costly malfunctions at onshore refineries and offshore platforms

Udacity solution: Multi-year rollout of AI/ML training, starting with most digitally advanced employees

Results: Used Data and AI to build predictive maintenance models which helped avoid malfunctions costing ~$2mm per incident


Employees stay unstuck with help from people who have real-world expertise.

We believe support from mentors and instructors is as critical to success as the curriculum itself. That's why we make sure your teams have easy access to subject matter professionals who can unblock them along the way.
  • Dedicated mentors provide support in one hour or less

  • Personalized project feedback given within three hours

Digital skills that translate to the workplace.

Students gain expertise from content co-created with industry leaders like Accenture, Amazon, BMW, GitHub, IBM, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Uber ATG.
  • Hands-on projects are designed for real-world scenarios — like programming self-driving vehicles

  • Instructors use the same skills they teach in their own professions

Keep pace with emerging technologies. Outpace the competition.

See how our Nanodegree programs can help you cultivate the tech skills your organization needs.

The School of AI

The School of 澳门葡京app下载

澳门葡京现金 School of 澳门葡京app下载 offers ten Nanodegree courses at three levels of difficulty designed to equip your workforce with the highest level of expertise in the field of AI.
The 葡京真人娱乐开户

The 葡京真人娱乐开户

澳门葡京现金 葡京真人娱乐开户 offers five Nanodegree courses at two levels of difficulty designed to equip your workforce with unparalleled acumen in this fast-growing field.
u4E 葡京app下载 Container

The 葡京app下载

澳门葡京现金 葡京app下载 offers nine Nanodegree courses at three levels of difficulty designed to prepare your workforce for every possible data-related challenge.
U4E School of Prog Dev Program Container

The 葡京电子游戏 and Development

澳门葡京现金 葡京电子游戏 and Development offers 11 Nanodegree courses at three levels of difficulty designed to equip your workforce with the most advanced, up-to-date skills sets available anywhere.

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